5 Common Trading Mistakes All Traders Should Avoid {VIDEO}


This video will surprise you — and I want you to take notes. Because these mistakes are so common, they’re most likely causing you to lose money. And I want you to learn how to avoid them so you can become the best trader you can be!

One of my top students, Adam Jarrett, has made six figures trading stocks and now he’s transitioned into trading NFTs. Today he’s sharing lessons on…

  • How to avoid gambling in the market and keep your capital available for new opportunities.
  • Why you can’t chase thrills or money in trading…
  • The strategy you must avoid in penny stocks and NFTs — I preach this all the time!
  • The most powerful emotion you must leave out of your trading to avoid big losses.
  • What Adam struggled with doing, but is crucial for your trading success.

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Watch the video below now!

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