Airbus and Qatar Airways Legal Quarrel Over A350 Intensifies - Airbus (OTC:EADSY)


  • Airbus SE EADSY and Qatar Airways clashed in court in a dispute over damage to A350 jetliners.
  • Qatar Airways is suing Airbus over damage to the painted surface and anti-lightning system on A350 jets, saying safety could be at risk from a design defect, Reuters reported.
  • The two companies are mandated to provide documents about their claims as the dispute is headed toward a London aerospace trial in mid-2023 if no settlement is reached.
  • Airbus has denied the allegation and in response, has revoked all 19 remaining A350 orders from Qatar Airways.
  • Qatar Airways has grounded twenty-eight A350s in its fleet due to surface damage.
  • A division of the High Court began hearing on Friday over the release of the document by both parties and the return on millions of dollars of deposits and contractual incentives.
  • Airbus has asked for Qatar Airways to pay $220 million in damages and said it paid $185 million for developing Qatari aviation under its deal agreement in 2007 – 2009.
  • Price Action: EADSY shares closed higher by 6.44% at $23.95 on Thursday.

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