Risk-On Vs. Liquidity Squeeze


S&P 500 did a brief intraday downswing yesterday – very fast erased. Bonds strong, market breadth further improving, FOMO almost kicking in – and then AAPL and AMZN earnings interpretation provided for a fresh upleg aftermarket. Stock prices are to stall somewhat next, but not to roll over into a new downtrend – not yet. There is time, and early next week isn‘t yet flashing even just amber. Likewise the rally in precious metals is to continue, with miners still ridiculously inexpensive. Crude oil preparing for a new upleg in the $98 area while copper isn‘t giving up just below $3.50 either. Cryptos are signalling a weak entry to today‘s regular session, that‘s all – Monday is going to be a relatively good day across the board should today not turn out peachy (it won‘t be rosy, but won‘t be a disaster either).


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