Metals Firm Decides to Acquire Canadian Electronics Recycler


Arrow Recovery was served a search warrant in June this year.

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): After almost a year-long investigations by Fremont Police Detectives, California-based electronics recycler Arrow Recovery has been identified for accepting stolen catalytic converters.

As per police documents, the sting operation began with an undercover officer selling cut catalytic converters marked or etched with “stolen” or other markings to Arrow Recovery. During the course of several months, the recycler repeatedly purchased stolen catalytic converters from undercover detectives.


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Arrow Recovery was served a search warrant in June this year. The search that followed it located multiple 55-gallon drums of refined and semi-refined catalytic converter material, along with approximately eight pallets containing at least 300 suspected stolen catalytic converters.

The Fremont Police Department said that the e-scrap recycler will be prosecuted for receiving stolen property. In addition, permitting and environmental impact penalties will be evaluated and levied.

The goal of the long-term operation was to shut down a major pathway for criminals to sell stolen catalytic converters. The detectives had collected and inventoried a large amount of evidence requiring multiple tow trucks and trips. The city of Fremont has seen a notable dip in converter thefts over the last few months, police said.


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