Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Invest in ETFs


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In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire explores the dubious practices in the ETF market, shedding light on the widespread integrity breaches and rehypothecation of the largely undeliverable, double-counted gold bullion.

The London wholesaler thoroughly explains how misled ETF investors expose themselves to the tremendous counterparty risk while unknowingly empowering the physical gold price suppression.


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00:00 Start

01:40 Picking up the last week’s thread. Summing up the short-term action

10:50 COMEX-driven backwardation has led to them exposed by EFPs to delivery outflows     

17:50 Questioning the integrity of the ETF gold and silver investment

26:30 Major ETF embarrassment on CNBC camera

37:45 Taking a closer look at the silver ETF (SLV)

39:30 Ukraine selling its physical gold holdings

42:05 Basel III – Banks holding counterparty risk forced to comply with NSFR standards

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