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ING and payment solutions provider CCV have developed an app that makes any Android smartphone or tablet a payment terminal for contactless payments.

CCV and ING’s app turns smartphones into POS

Dutch department store HEMA will be the first retail chain to pilot the new payment method from mid-September in three of its stores.

CCV says it developed the app in collaboration with ING, Cow Hills and Zebra. ING will be responsible for processing payment transactions to retailers, while software firm Cow Hills will provide mobile checkout solution, running on Zebra mobile devices used by retailers.

“The new app offers major advantages to retailers,” says Kees van der Veldt, CEO of Cow Hills.

“It’s no longer necessary to reserve a lot of floor space for cash registers, because mobiles take over this role, becoming flexible and suited for contactless payments.”

He explains the solution will allow customers to pay for items directly without the need to stand in line at the register.

“Queues at the cash register during peak times will occur less because customers will be able to pay with more employees at any location in the store,” he adds.

Currently, the app offers contactless payments with Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and V Pay through Apple Pay and Google Pay. It also works for larger amounts that require entering a pin code on the mobile device.

If the pilot with HEMA is successful, ING says it has plans for a “large-scale” rollout of the app.


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