Metals Firm Decides to Acquire Canadian Electronics Recycler


Much of the discarded electronics reach landfills.

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): Kathmandu- the capital city of Nepal has registered significant growth in e-waste volumes over the past several years. A new model seems to effectively address this issue, thereby ensuring the health of environment and living beings.

Much of the discarded electronics reach landfills. Also, households in the city reportedly store huge volumes of electronic waste. There has been no adequate efforts to educate consumers about the proper disposal of these harmful electronic waste. Much of these waste is handled by informal waste collectors and scrapyards.

In an effort to formalize e-waste recycling efforts, Doko Recyclers, which has been in operation since 2017, has announced major expansion to its clientele and significant jump in e-waste collection volumes. This year, the company announced opening of a second unit at its factory in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, which exclusively handles electronic waste.

Bhuwan Chalise, research intern at Doko Recyclers said that the company has two material recovery factories-one for dry waste and another for e-waste. The collected items are cleaned, segregated and packaged to respective factories.

The e-waste section segregates the materials into different subsections. Those which could be repaired are refurbished and sold, while the rest are dismantled into smaller components and sold to respective factories. The e-waste mainly comprises of computers, printers, keyboards, multiplugs, televisions, old telephones, washing machines and coffee machines, noted Doko Reyclers.


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