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Mosjoen smelter has an annual production capacity of 200,000 metric tons.

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): Alcoa Corporation announced that a strike action has commenced at its Mosjoen smelter in Norway with effect from 22nd August, 2022, after it failed to reach a collective agreement with Industri Energi and Norsk Industri before the previously agreed deadline.

In accordance with the Controlled Reduction Agreement applicable to the Mosjoen smelter, the deliveries of products from the smelter will come to a halt until the end of the strike. The smelter will work towards a 20% cut in smelter output by 19th September, if the strike lasts until then. If the strike extends beyond that date, another 10 percent of production will be curtailed every other week, until 34 of the 404 pots remain operational.


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The agreement allows both the company and the striking union to put certain functions on temporary leave during the strike action, by ensuring that such actions do not compromise the safe operation of the facility.

A total of 17 union members did not report to work on the first day of the strike. This number is expected to go up to 35 by tomorrow. Out of the total 550 smelter employees, 444 are covered by the union agreement with Industri Energi. It must be noted that operations of its Lista plant have not been affected by the strike action.

Mosjoen smelter has an annual production capacity of 200,000 metric tons.


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