[Video] Why This Billionaire Is Excited About Cannabis In Europe


“I’m super excited about Europe,” said Boris Jordan of Curaleaf Holdings Inc CURLF at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference held last April.

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Transcript (auto-generated)

listen i’m super excited about europe uk

has the best medical law

that i’ve seen anywhere in the world

better than any state in the united

states it’s an incredible law nobody

knows about it which is even more even

better and basically we have free reign

so i’m super excited about it because 60

million people very liberal medical law

direct-to-consumer capabilities under

that law

products yes difficult to get registered

but there’s no restriction on product

sales on what kind of products you can

develop there it’s a very exciting

market just takes time to get it going

germany klondike 2024 you know 80

million people adult use market

obviously it’s going to have its growing

pains and all that kind of stuff but my

opinion is that’s going to be a home run

market 12 billion dollars over five to

six years

mark potential market i’m very excited

about it um

obviously i’m not going to talk about

those markets that are still small

medical but italy you know spain

portugal they’re still small but i think

the way germany goes the rest of europe

goes israel i love israel it’s not

europe but i love the market i spend a

lot of time there i’ve been there twice

in the first quarter of this year

i really think that’s going to be a

great market they’re they’re moving

quickly to liberalization and last i’ll

say middle east i’m telling you it’s

coming i know everybody thinks it’s not

but it’s coming i think that the uh uae

may be the first country in the middle

east to uh legalize medical and i think

quickly move to adult use and so i’m

very excited about the prospects you

know egypt is a big a country that uses

a lot of cannabis um so i i think europe

is the next and and the european the

theater is the next big market for

cannabis after the u.s


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