What Biden Meant When He Said Zero Inflation (July CPI Rose 0% In July) While REAL Earnings Growth Remains Negative And Rent CPI Soars – Confounded Interest – Anthony B. Sanders


Joe Biden is without a doubt the worst communicator in Presidential history.

Here is clip of him explaining how wonderful the US economy is under his leadership. 0% CPI growth in July after a great jobs report where 528k jobs were added.

While President Biden is technically correct (CPI didn’t increase from June to July), he left out that headline inflation was still painful at 8.5% YoY and core inflation was 5.9% YoY. He also left out that CORE inflation rose 0.3% in July. And he left out that REAL earnings growth was still negative.

The midterm elections are approaching fast and, of course, Biden and his crew have to put the best face of his and the Democrats accomplishments. But seriously Joe, REAL weekly earnings growth is negative meaning that inflation is crushing wage growth. Meanwhile, CPI rent is skyrocketing and was 5.8% YoY in July.

As we know, the CPI measure of rent is terrible and does not reflect the actual rise in rents. Zillow’s Rent index YoY is slowing, but remains at 14.75% YoY, far higher than the CPI rent measure of 5.8%.

So, the Federal Government and Federal Reserve keeps pumping trillions into the economy, so it is not surprising that we have rampant inflation crushing renters.


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