Xi Jinping's Cabinet Headed For Biggest Reshuffle In New Term — Names To Watch


Xi Jinping is poised to clinch a third five-year leadership term for himself, but his cabinet is expected to see the biggest reshuffle at China’s 20th Communist Party Congress.

What Happened: The National Congress of the ruling Communist Party of China, held once every five years, will take place on Oct. 16. Here are some key people to watch out for in the Politburo and its elite Standing Committee, according to Reuters.

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Li Keqiang: Li currently holds the premier position and is expected to step down at the annual parliamentary session in March because of the rules that limit him to two five-year terms. After stepping down from the country’s No. 2 post, Li may exit politics completely or even stay as the parliament’s chief.

Wang Yang: Yang, the chairman of China People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), is a leading contender for the premier position. He is ranked fourth on the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC).

Hu Chunhua: Hu, the vice premier of China, is a key candidate for elevation to the PSC and may also become the country’s next premier.

Li Qiang: One of Xi’s closest allies and party secretary of Shanghai, Li is also considered a candidate for elevation to the PSC.

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Ding Xuexiang: Xi’s key aide, Ding, is the director of the general office of the Communist Party and is also a contender for the PSC.

He Lifeng: He, the National Development and Reform Commission head and an ally of Xi, is expected to take over Liu He as vice premier.

Wang Yi: Yi, the state councilor and foreign minister, has technically hit the retirement age of 68 but is expected to succeed Yang Jiechi to head the party’s foreign affairs decision-making body.

Other than this, Wang Xiaohong, minister of public security, is tipped to be the next law-and-order chief. Miao Hua, director of the Political Work Department, is expected to be one of two deputy chairmen of the Commission. And Han Zheng, the current vice premier, is due to retire from the PSC, but Xi may keep him, the Reuters report noted.

Chen Miner, the Chongqing party secretary, Shen Yiqin, the party secretary of Guizhou province, Ma Xingrui, the Xinjiang party chief, and Li Xi, the party chief of Guangdong province, are also some of the contenders for promotions to PSC.

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